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Hills and Dales Regulars Take ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Hills and Dales Ice House is one place that’s been in our neighborhood longer’n us. This spot is definitively #HomeinSanAntone:


I walked in yesterday at 101 (that’s degrees F, not hour of the day) planning to capture a little footage of this laid-back, easy-going watering hole on a Sunday. Come to find, a bunch of regulars were taking the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. So naturally, I filmed them instead!

Here’s Leroy Thompson, Dan Story, Ginger Toy, Brittney Barton and a reluctant Kenny Griffith doing their bit to raise awareness and money to fight the debilitating condition known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease:

If you don’t know about ALS – known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease because of what it did to one of our strongest athletes – do read up about it here: ALS Association and consider making a donation to fight this painful condition.

Tip o’ the hat to this old stand-by, Hills & Dales, an excellent place to hang out and enjoy refreshing cold beer from all over the world in a mellow, relaxed atmosphere, Home in San Antone, just off 1604 at Babcock, right by UTSA.


Our First Visit to Freetail Brewery

Our first visit to Freetail was awesome! The views are stellar – 360 degrees Hill Country all the way down to the city skyline to the South East. This is my old neighborhood and I can remember looking back that way from up here since I was a little kid, so … there was some nostalgia in it. But gotta say: great spot.

This brewery is Scott Metzger’s long-term work in progress. Hey Scott, our entries are going to be sort of like those, too.

The intern shot video for a feature for the first time and was just getting used to it all so, this, our first visit, is sorta shaky and dark and clunky – weren’t really focused on getting footage since we were busy learning how to use the camera … oh and enjoying ourselves! Great menus – food and beverage!

I will be back to reshoot soon, but anyway, here you go: