Ending Monthly Videos of the RPRZ

I am still visiting the field and woods, but I am not filming anymore. I think we have captured this ecosystem pretty well here in this blog and now footage is becoming redundant. If I see something unusual, I will film it and post. Best, MTK

Flash Flood: Good Two Hours of Rain, Reservoir System Works

From 9:30 to 11:30 this morning, a huge volume of water fell on the NW side of San Antonio.

The water system – described in the RPRZ About page – used gravity to channel water down the hills of DeZavala and IH-10 into concrete ducts and reservoirs at the base of the parking lots for HEB and Walmart and successfully diverted the water from traffic and parking lots in most of the area.

I did drive through deep puddles at DeZavala on either side of the freeway at 10:07am, at the peak of the storm when both reservoirs were full to the brim. The worst of these was at the light at Silicon and DeZavala, but small cars were able to pass through the puddles, albeit very cautiously. The system worked to divert water from the human population and then the water rushed into the Rocky Point Recharge Zone where it dumped a lot of refuse from the fast food spots and strip malls, a concern we have described here many times.

There’s no audio on some of this footage. I stuck a song my son made up a few years ago at the end so it wouldn’t be boring.


This was how it looked at 9:28, before the storm started, the last of last night’s rain: