Words between Videos

Blogging and vlogging again but trying not to think so much or overplan – just shoot, write and post. Changed the layout and title of this site.

Reason has been trumped by circumstance and the best thing to do is put my head down and work. on something. anything.

I return to the fall backs of music and basketball. I’ve been shooting 100 free throws a day and the numbers have been encouraging: 47, 63, 55, 64, 67, 62, 57, 62, 59, 71, 64, 61, 63 over the first thirteen days. That’s 795/1300 FTs so 61%.

I got strings for the guitar and with the announcement that The 2016 Nobel Prize in Literature has gone to Bob Dylan, I have been re-learning Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right and making some text and image rubber stamps.


I am working on Tambourine Man now.

Memory fatigue is a significant problem in the last months of my forties.

But to let go is to abandon the last memories of a generation of an era, it is to burn the minority report.

Watching things unfold instead of participating in them these last few years.

I produce pieces no one sees right now.












and I post them here for FREE so they subject me to ads like whatever appears below.

I have not and do not endorse whatever appears here. It is the work of SEO of WP.




Summer Issue: Hot Joy! Plexus no. 26 #ALSIce BucketChallenge, Bats, Cicadas, Not as many TripDigit Days

Hi Everybody and Welcome!

Home in San Antone is a netzine and blog named for the Fred Rose song popularized by Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys – video on our About Page.

My name is Karthik. I grew up on the Northwest side in the 1970’s and ’80’s: Locke-Hill Elementary (original and current); Hobby middle; Clark high (’85). I left to do my Bachelors at U.T. (’89), then went traveling, living outside of Texas for many years. I’ve returned to San Antonio at least once a year and often three or four times a year since I left.

I’ve dropped in and out of town, so I’ve observed the rampant development and growth like a skipping stone observes a lake.

This is massive change: people, places and things disappearing, some reappearing. Newness sprouting up everywhere.

Waste, violence, overcrowding and traffic are terrible byproducts of the era, but though San Antonio’s culture has been in tremendous flux, just a few years shy of her 300th birthday, she’s beginning to look pretty diverse, eclectic and vibrant.

Now I find a complex city bursting at the seams.

There are already a few excellent “hyper-local” blogs (Geekette, SAFlavor, Rivard, Dr. Denise Barkis-Richter’s)  in the blogroll. I will add links as I think of them (actually right now I’m going to go add Blue Star, which I witnessed born).

This blog’s just a slow-growing image of our town through my lens; a zine that reflects, documents, journals and archives with photographs and video from the present and past for the future.

I’ll be inviting others to provide content and setting themes for future issues, but for now, here’s Volume 1, Issue 1, of Home in San Antone.

See you ’round San Antone

Karthik aka MTK